Custom Lighting Design


Custom Lighting Design

NRG Electric Ltd knows that impeccable lighting design is an integral aspect to any project. Interior lighting has a significant impact on both the aesthetic and functional elements of your living and working space. It can often be a difficult process deciding what type of lighting, fixture or control is needed in a specific area. Our design team can provide you with a custom lighting package for any home or business.

Control Systems

Lighting control systems offer the ability to control any light, group of lights, or all lights in a building from a single touch of a button. This ability to control multiple light sources from a user device allows complex “light scenes” to be created. A room may have multiple scenes available, each one created for different activities in the room. Other benefits include reduced energy consumption and power costs through more efficient usage, longer bulb life from dimming, and reduced emission carbon footprints.

Smart Homes and Businesses

Imagine being able to intelligently control virtually any device in your home or business with one touch. Imagine being able to access this control from your phone. From your lighting to door locks, from your thermostat to your DVR, from your home theatre to accessing your playlists, the possibilities with smart home and business automation are endless. These solutions are affordable, cost effective and easy to install. The systems can be put in new and older construction and are flexible, allowing you to start small and add more control to your system when you need it.

Lighting Tips

Lighting Design Elements:

General lighting:
Ambient lighting used to illuminate an overall area

Task Lighting:
Focuses on specific types of light for individual areas for tasks such as reading, cooking or homework. Lights for each area are controlled individually.

Accent lighting:
Lighting that adds drama and style to a space by emphasizing and highlighting an area, decor, or object in a room.

Lighting Design to Consider:

Kitchen lighting:
The busiest area of a home. Considerations should be given to recessed lights for general lighting and under cabinet lights for accent and task lighting.

Living Areas:
These areas require task, ambient and accent lighting. Consider chandeliers, flush mount or recessed lights for general lighting, decorative wall sconces for accent lighting and table lamps for task lighting.

Bathroom Lighting:
Attention here needs to focus on task lighting for grooming activities. Consider strip fixtures for task lighting and recessed lights for general lighting.

Entrances and Hallways:
These areas are importance to consider as they are the gateway to the rest of your house and the first area your guests see.

Landscape and Outside Lighting:
Lighting the landscape and home exterior enhances the beauty of a home, provides security and extends the use of outdoor spaces while providing safety, atmosphere and space definition.